Roxborough Storage Tips

  • Make sure your boxes are completely sealed, with
    • Heaviest items on the bottom & light items on the top
    • Labels clearly identifying the contents either on all four sides or store your box so the label can be easily viewed
  • Make sure you have a unit large enough so you have some room to move around and maneuver
    • Store any thing you might need easy access to in the front of your unit
    • Leave a small space between boxes and the walls for ventilation
  • Consider putting pallets down on the concrete for ventilation
  • When storing furniture, be sure to
    • Wrap any furniture to guard against scratches
    • Take legs off of tables to utilize the most space
    • Wrap/protect upholstered furniture
    • Store mirrors and pictures standing up, rather than laying flat
  • Do NOT store food or drinks
  • Do NOT store flammable, corrosive or hazardous items
    • Drain fluids from stored items, such as gas and oil from lawn mowers
  • Clean and dry all appliances before storing
    • Consider placing a container of salt inside refrigerators and freezers to absorb moisture
  • Lock your unit and put the combination or key in a safe, secure and easily accessible location
Storage Tips